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me and my friend had a fight with the boys in my class today they were saying that the janoskians are not funny their fags and we were  like only cos ur jealous their hot sweet amazing funny sexy and their personalities are amazing so that leaves you the fags but we just finished it by saying haters gonna hate but seriously there NOT FAGS!

who else is doing 40 hour famine : )

"so funny today we had to say a famous quote so my friend gose i cant even from the janoskians and the teacher just looked at us like WTF and then me and two girls started sing i wont give up on milk nek minnit i cant even blurggggg and then everyone was staring at us like WTF ARE YOU GUYS SMOCKING :P gotta love janoskianators"

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no one can handle us cause we are too fabulous.



I’m just awaiting on LukeBrooks.

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Lol people are only realizing now that Beau looks a bit like Leonardo Dicaprio


When Beau was younger, a movie (The Aviator) needed a kid look a like of Leonardo Dicaprio and Beau was going to audition but it was too late lol. But Leo was Beau’s mentor and inspiration and that’s why he loves acting so much. Just thought you guys would want to know :) Oh yeah and they both have massive cows lick hair bahaha lucky Beau changed his hairstyle 


short thank you

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Dangling Rainbow Hearts